I'm a Graphic Designer who specializes in making Pretty Good art.
I started Pretty Good Jam in 2018 to pursue my love for print and digital graphics. These areas introduced me to this field and I've stuck by them over the years.
Outside of client work, I create art for my own expression.
You'll find all of that and more, here on my site! From vector artwork to screen-printed shirts, stop-motion videos, photography and more.
I've learned so much from experience and even more from my studies. I've done a year of basic studies at University of Louisiana in Monroe in 2012, a year in basic Communication Design classes at Louisiana Tech in 2013, and a year & a quarter furthering my education online at The Savannah College of Art and Design in 2018.
I spend my spare time experimenting with new mediums, trying new recipes, reading romance, and sending good vibes.
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