My name's Jam! I'm a 20-something Graphic Designer.
I'm always scribbling ideas and I love to create. 
Fort Worth, TX Resident / Louisiana Native
This website is full of art. Most of it is art that I've created in my spare time. You'll also find two work projects. I work as a Graphic Designer at a local screen printing company. And I have my very own tiny business for commissioned art: Pretty Good Jam. 
Random rambles about me:
I really like to learn and I love to create in anyway I find enjoyable. 
(There's always a new way to create! If I really like it, I want to learn how it's done.)
Collegiate Studies! My study years are a little leap-froggish, but I'm still going for it! So far, I've completed a year of Dual Enrollment at University of LA in Monroe during high school, a year on campus studying CommDes at Louisiana Tech, and (most recently) a year and a quarter going to online classes at SCAD.
In my spare time, I'm either reading, binge-watching, snacking, listening to podcasts, or I'm working on one of my random ideas. If you'd like to see what I'm working on now, click the Instagram button below and have a look!
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