Thanks for visiting my site!
I'm a 20-something Graphic Designer who specializes in making pretty good art for people.
I love print and digital graphics, I'm learning to be comfortable drawing again, I'm dabbling in short stop-motion videos, and I want to learn how to do relief printing. Also, I'm always scribbling ideas.
My site is filled with vector artwork, screen-printed shirts, stop-motion videos, drawings, a sculpture and my photography.
I have been student on and off, only ever studying Graphic Design. I've done a year of basic studies at Univ of LA in Monroe, a year on campus taking my basic ComDes classes at LA Tech, and a year and a quarter furthering my education online at SCAD.
In my spare time, I'm reading, binge-watching, snacking, cooking, listening to podcasts, or site-seeing. If you'd like to catch up with me in real-time, click the Instagram button below!
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